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I have yet to think of something to put here.

new icon, new theme, even got a stargate cursor

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the watsons’s happy married life more like


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Michael Ealy talks ‘Almost Human’ Emmy nod, reflects on life as Dorian |







Have you signed the petition to save AlmostHuman?

We are trying to get the petition changed over it’s taking time tho.

Every Monday we  tweet out to save AlmostHuman at 8pm ET, 7 CT, 6 MT, 5 PT , UK 1am and Japan 9am

The hashtag is (#)SaveAlmostHuman

"Everybody worked so hard, you know? … [E]very time the fans tweeted about it or instagrammed something, you just felt validated, like what we’re doing matters. What we’re doing, people care about it. We’re not doing this in vain [and] we’re going to do something special here. Sometimes, something special doesn’t live forever. But it can always be forever as long as the fans keep it going.”

Let’s give Michael more validation next Monday.  Let’s copy him on all the tweets we send to (#)SaveAlmostHuman.  He is very clearly missing the show at least as much and probably a whole lot more than we are.  Think about how much we still hurt, and then imagine if it was your personal creation, into which you poured everything …(damn it, and now I’m crying again just thinking about how he feels, how all the cast and crew must still feel.)  So, um, yeah, let’s let him know that we truly value what he/they gave us.

I think all of us artists should try and put out new Dorian & AH fanart for each tweetout! I know it’d be hard to do weekly but Michael said in the interview he really loves the fanart and stuff and anything to make him smile ;_;

Can this be a thing!? Weekly art? I’ve been trying to keep posting little AH sketches each week (I missed one Monday a week ago, but otherwise I’ve gotten every one I think) and it’s not too hard. If anyone’s considering it, it helps a lot to just draw a bunch in one sitting and then queue them for the month. You guys are all such awesome artists!

That’s actually what I was trying to do, bbys :°D I was doing it to maybe keep people a bit aware about the existence of AH in general (and because I love to draw those goofs), but… :°D Ok, I’m officially in. Or, uh, I’ll try? Summer is a busy season for me, because I try to get as much commissions as possible, but… I’ll try. And then? What should we do? Tweet out stuff to Ealy?

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Major John Sheppard in Every Episode | 1x11 The Eye

These things happen every twenty years, right?
That’s what they tell us.
How far in advance can I book days off?

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Okay but imagine this: All the star trek Captains are kindergarten teachers and their crew are the children in their class. 

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Declassification continues in “About TIme” - The Women of the SGC, by esteefee & mischief5

[Photo credit: MGM.]

Inspired by esteefee’s The Tale of the Seven Waiters (PG, gen)

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Jfc i did it. I spent all my lunch money on stargate. I cant believe it. Moms gonna be so pissed.

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Either i eat lunch today or……

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ok theme editing is going on now so try to stay off my blog for a while if you want to survive thank

John doesn’t change his way to interrogate people!

and look Dorian he’s like "Oh man, c’mon"…

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SGA // 01x18 // The Gift.

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